Fostering a community for climbers, tracking climbing progress, and AI training recommendations.

Project Tracking

Preview routes around the gym and track your attempts and tops. Add personal notes and reminders about beta

Main Feed

See what new events are scheduled at your gym, get training recommendations, and see what your friends are climbing at the gym.

Class Registration

See what classes held at your selected gym and register for them in the app.


Get notified about route changes, and join your friends climbing sessions.

Earn Badges

The more you use the app the more badges you earn! Certain gyms may have different badges.


As of right now, not currently due to wanting to focus on developing other aspects of the app further.

Crux will find patterns in the style of climbs you are projecting and completing. The more you log the more accurate reccomendations that app will give you. Same goes for workout and training reccomendations!

No! We will never sell your data. If you are still worried, you can delete your account all data will be lost and non-recoverable.

We are currently focusing on developing the route setters side of the app along with a beta sharing section.

Yes! Your profile will carry over to different gyms. Just change it in settings and say whether you are doing a day pass or changing gyms.